GW2 Build: Warrior
The Rampager

gw_karnakramsI have tried a lot of warrior builds. I started out with a Shout based warrior who was awesome, but sometimes felt a little boring without a party to support. I tried a full on Phalanx Might stacking warrior who could easily maintain 22-24 stacks of Might. He was incredibly deadly with his greatsword and a major boon to any party, but he was also incredibly boring and very generic. I wanted my warrior to be brutal, to explode into a combat like a grenade. I made the Rampager build, not as a number crunched dungeon build or PvP duellist, but a solid role play character. However, just because it’s for role play, it doesn’t mean he has to sacrifice effectiveness.


The Rampager is a physical brute, a monster who really throws everything at the enemy, even his own body; whatever it takes to make the kill. He revels in big fights, but also has what it takes to single out a foe and deliver a beat down of epic proportions. The build focuses on crowd control skills, while still dealing solid damage which escalates as the battle goes on. He can deliver over 10 seconds of complete lock down on a single target when that target lacks any form of Stability. The Rampager believes the best defence is overwhelming power and brutality.

Primary Role

DpS and Crowd Control. Armed with numerous Combo Finishers, including many Blast Finishers, the Rampager can readily utilise Combo Fields provided by other classes.


Hammer is the main weapon, as it stacks Vulnerability and Weakness, a great combination for both offence, and defence. More importantly, the hammer offers a Knockdown and an AoE Push. The Burst skill is both an AoE Stun as well as a Blast Finisher.

Rifle makes a solid back up weapon. I know many hammer warriors prefer bow to create their own Fire Fields to blast with the hammer, but I prefer the rifle for the situations I use it for. Rifle is used both for easier roaming, and for single target damage if melee is not a wise choice for the situation. It also has a Push attack so it’s often the weapon I lead into combat with.

Gear and Consumables

I use my standard configuration of Soldier’s armour, however the trinkets and weapons are all Berserker. I believe I could go full berserker with the build, although I would sacrifice his effectiveness against world bosses and some champions, so I’ll stick with the Soldier’s armour for now. The main consideration is that he stacks as much Power as possible.

For Sigils, I use Force and Impact sigils on the hammer; combined they give a solid +15% damage to many of my attacks. For the rifle, I use Bloodlust for the bonus Power, as well as Speed for easy travel. I find the Sigil of Speed means I can use the rifle as I travel to maintain permanent Swiftness.

My one demand when it came to runes was that Power had to be primary. I settled on Runes of the Pack because they come with additional Precision, as well as keeping Fury up for me and my companions most of the time.

For other consumables, I of course use Sharpening Stones for the additional Power, as well a Truffle Steak for the same reason. The build has no dependence on consumables so use anything you want.

Build (6/0/6/2/0)

Strength (6)

While the bonus to Power is awesome, the increased Condition Duration is invaluable for sustaining the other Conditions this build thrives on.


Reckless Dodge – Free damage whenever you dodge, converting defence into offence; that makes sense, plus it’s reckless, and that’s exactly how we’ll be playing it.

Building Momentum – Momentum is what this build is all about. More endurance means more reckless dodging.

Stick and Move – Only 3% damage bonus? Cheapskates! Still, it’s more damage!


I) Death From Above – Less damage from falling, damage to your foe AND you get to blast them backwards. Sounds like the perfect way to enter a fight!

VIII) Physical Training – Physical skills are the bread and butter of this build and the +100% damage turns utility skills into deadly arts.

XI) Berserker’s Power – You’ll find your Adrenaline bar will fill quickly, so you’ll have the bonus 15% damage for most of the combat. For a Power build +15% damage is brilliant.

Defence (6)

Both the Toughness and Healing Power will help you wade into the middle of a fight. The real benefit is in the damage stacking and Power this line also grants.


Thick Skin – Bonus armour at the start of any fight means you should stay looking better after that initial clash.

Adrenal Health – Passive health regeneration that stacks with other forms of regeneration. I won’t say no to that.

Armoured Attack – More Power? Yes please! Now we are really starting to stack Power past what most warriors run with.


VI) Cull the Weak – It’s only +5% damage, but that’s still valuable on a Power build.

X) Merciless Hammer – +20% damage if my foe is disabled. Trust me, once the fight starts he’ll be spending a lot of time disabled, so this damage bonus is huge.

XII) Spiked Armour – I did say this was a role play build. My character wears spiked armour. Still, Retaliation is perfect for a Power build, so even if they are hurting you, you’re passively hurting them back.

Tactics (2)

Vitality and Boon Duration are always handy, but the main reason we are in this line is for Desperate Power. Altering these trait points will rarely hurt this build.


Determined Revival – Mostly wasted.


III) Desperate Power – If you do jump in and take on more than you expected, just dig in and hurt them more! +20% is a lot to add to a Power build.


You could swap Desperate Power for Crack Shot under the Arms branch, it really steps up your ranged damage output. I highly recommend this change if you expect, or prefer, to go to your rifle more. I like Desperate Power, because when combined with the other traits and sigils, it means your damage output can potentially reach +78% before criticals. That’s just obscene.


Your bar will be filled with physical skills most of the time. If you want to swap out something at any time feel free, but be aware it will affect how the build is meant to function.

Healing Surge – If you expect a lot of conditions, then switch to Mending, but I find Healing Surge synergises well with my high adrenaline.

Kick – Damage and Knock Back. I love that it looks like you’re kicking them in the vulnerables.

Bull Charge – A gap closer, a free move to catch up, but most of all a Knock Down, setting your foe up for a Merciless Hammer blow.

Stomp – This isn’t a simple stomp, it’s an explosive burst that Launches your foes. Amazing crowd control if you are starting to get mobbed.

Rampage – Stability is the reason I primarily slot this skill, with the potent physical attacks being an extension of the character concept.


Change whatever you want, just remember that your traits are supporting the Physical skills. The build isn’t dependant on anything, but it’s heavily geared towards certain things.

How to use it

Ideally a battle will go something like this…

You target the veteran leader then jump from a height into the midst of the enemy using Death from Above to shatter the enemy camp. As the leader is getting up, you smash into him with Bull’s Charge before planting a Fierce Blow into his face. You then cripple his goons as you smash the leader with a Hammer Shock. The leader finally gets to his feet just in time for you to lay him out with a Back Breaker. As you pound on him mercilessly with your hammer the crippled minions finally get to you. You sweep them away with a Staggering Blow then leap after the leader with an Earthshaker. You Kick the enemy boss around like a toy as the minions try to pile on you, just in time for you to Stomp the ground and send everyone flying. In seconds the dead and dying lay strewn around you while you bellow your legion warcry.

I don’t really use specific skill rotations, I use the build simply to express my own rage, reacting to my foe and laughing as I rag doll everything around me. This build is made for me to just cut loose and have fun. Putting the Sigil of Speed on the rifle means I’m move swiftly to the next fight, giving me the feeling of sustained momentum. It’s also great if I just want to run around gathering stuff.

Build Weaknesses

There is no in built stun breaker or condition removal; this lack can get you killed unless you have the common sense to change a few skills before you get into those sorts of battles. While the build loves crashing into high numbers of foes, you will eventually exhaust your skills and end up with everything on cool down if the battle drags on too long. Against foes with Stability, most of what makes this build great begins to falter. However, there are enough crowd control skills to allow you to wear down Champion Defiance and put in the big coup de gras knock down hits when you want them. The character has many Combo Finishers, which on the surface makes it look like a good team player, however it’s very difficult for other melee classes to work beside a Rampager due to the multitude of knockbacks being spammed.

What I really like

I feel powerful when I play this character. He really does rampage around and just rag doll all sorts of things. You would be amazed at the animation work aNet has done on certain creatures and I laugh so hard seeing how some creatures react to being launched through the air. When I corner some poor veteran who can take a beating, I really delight in unleashing my pent up frustrations, kicking the poor sod around like a sack. I am not a violent person by nature, but being able to unleash some pent up rage in this virtual manner really thrills me. If I can go to one of the lower level zones and just cut loose for a while, I can be laughing like a maniac within a short time, it’s just so much fun. Honestly, if you want a character just for unleashing your rage at the world, this guy is for you. I use a Charr in full Blood Legion spiked armour, so he looks like a chitinous beast as he rampages around.