Definitely not a goodbye

RPGDollies is a labour of love for Incarnica and I, so despite a limited readership we post articles because we like to talk about what we are doing. We also like providing tips, information and inspiration to others where possible. However, we also have other professional writing commitments that must be met. In order to meet those other commitments, RPGDollies will have to become a tertiary consideration. We will still create articles when we can, it’s just that our weekly schedule will have to be reduced to sporadically posting when we can find the time.

We are still playing games and we still have a lot of things we’d like to share, so if you find value in our site please do keep checking in. Better yet, use the Contact page to send us a message and let us know what you’d like to see posted. Nothing is more inspirational to a writer than to hear from people genuinely interested in their efforts.

On an unrelated note; it was brought to our attention that the site navigation was not working effectively on some mobile devices. Our most sincere apologies for that. We will be having the site upgraded to a new responsive look some time soon, so if we suddenly go into maintenance mode don’t worry, it’s just us ensuring things are working properly.

So until next time,
Happy Gaming!