About Us

RPG Dollies is a blog written by two sisters which is devoted to their personal gaming interests. We are Kalyndra and Incarnica, not our real names obviously but these are the names we use online. We are mature gamers, older even than most people who might call themselves ‘mature’. I won’t give specifics, it’s not our way, but I will say our average age exceeds fifty.

We mostly play Guild Wars 2 at the moment, but regularly delve into other games, primarily roleplay games. We’ve been playing online for many years now, being one of the early players of World of Warcraft. Over those years our games have changed and I guess, so have we.

This blog is really just us sharing our gaming experience with others. It’s all personal opinion, for better or for worse. We rarely walk the same path as others in games, so some people find our observations enlightening and original, others find our thoughts foolish. Such is the nature of life though, it would be a terrible shame if we all thought the same way. We certainly do not claim to be the ultimate authority on anything gaming related. We do think ourselves fairly clever though, and judging from feedback, so do many other people.

We intend to use this site to offer a diverse collection of articles. Not just game reviews and character builds, but guides on how to survive and thrive in the MMO worlds. Neither of us are social people, in fact, we are downright antisocial, which many people find highly unusual within the MMO microcosm. Less social people who play and enjoy MMOs are increasingly common, so if you are such a person then we hope you will find a friend in our humble site as we explore how gameplay differs for the solo player.

Ultimately, RPG Dollies is about us and what we enjoy. The name comes from some of our personal gaming jargon. Before we knew they were called Avatars we regularly referred to our characters as dollies, and still do to this day. We would spend considerable effort to find the right clothes to play dress-up with our dollies. When it came time to commit to a URL, RPG Dollies it just made sense for us personally.

We won’t make any excuses or ask for pardon for our opinions. You’ll either like us or you won’t, we honestly don’t care. However, we do sincerely hope you enjoy your stay and that you have an open mind and open heart. If you find just one article entertaining or helpful, then our posting it has been worth it.

Bright Blessings,
Kalyndra & Incarnica