Deciding your Digital Destiny

No matter the game, a Meta will always form which dictates a ‘correct’ way to play. This Meta seems to be created by the most vocal and driven people who seem to have a need to dominate the game, devouring the content as quickly as possible. When new content is released, they rush out en […]

Digital Romance

No, I’m not going to talk about online pick-ups, MMO cybersex or eRP. I’m going to talk about one of the few games that allow for a step into the Uncanny Valley, where you romance completely scripted characters in a single player roleplaying game. I am of course talking about the Dragon Age and Mass […]

GW2 Build: Warrior
The Rampager

I have tried a lot of warrior builds. I started out with a Shout based warrior who was awesome, but sometimes felt a little boring without a party to support. I tried a full on Phalanx Might stacking warrior who could easily maintain 22-24 stacks of Might. He was incredibly deadly with his greatsword and […]

Guild Wars 2 Introductory
Guide to Build making
Part 2

In Part 1 I focused on Traits and the importance of character concept and play style. I believe those elements are the foundation of any good character build. What you equip your character with also plays a vital role in bringing the other elements up to their potential. I’ll also be going over how to […]

Guild Wars 2 Introductory
Guide to Build Making
Part 1

You’ve hit level 80. You have all the trait points you’re going to get and you start to think about how to gear up in stuff that won’t have to be replaced. It’s time to make a build! You scurry off to the forums and do some web searches looking for builds. You find them […]

GW2 Build: Necromancer – Revenant

I use my Necromancer as my one and only character for WvW. I don’t do much WvW so I figure focussing on playing one class well was a lot better than playing a half dozen poorly. With my limited PvP skills as a player, I find the simpler demands of the Necromancer a good option for me. I’ve tried […]

Building Characters for Duo Play

I often see people in chat and on the forums, asking what two character classes will compliment each other well for two players. Many people play with just one friend or a significant other, and they want to ensure that they play characters that are complimentary, making the game content more manageable. These requests do […]

GW2 Build: Engineer
The Mad Bomber

Since day one I have always played a flame thrower based engineer. It served me well, my engineer is the only character I have that has never once died. Oh those glorious flames! Yet the flame thrower lacked that certain something; Damage. I decided to experiment with a few builds with one important stipulation; the […]

GW2 Build: Mesmer
The Virtuouso

With a word the Virtuoso can strike their foe dumb, with a phrase they can weave their foes’ doom. Masters of blade and spell, the Virtuoso is a Mesmer duelist that focuses on devastating flashy sword play and well-timed instant cast mantras used to control the flow of battle. The virtuoso is a high difficulty […]