To Dance with the Porcelain Pig

I recently completed a large purchase of tabletop RPG books, getting ever nearer to having the complete set of Classic D&D Modules. I embarked on the journey of collecting the books years ago, but only recently started to really make headway. With the purchase complete I emailed the seller to say thanks and that I […]

Sexism in Tabletop RPGs

I try to avoid being topical, preferring to leave real life take care of itself while I get on with my gaming. However, recent events surrounding women in gaming (and comics, and media, and movies, *sigh*) have inspired me to recall my own life growing up as a nerdy woman delving in a male-centric world. […]

Gaming Value

Kitty eyes her ale with suspicion, lamenting her choice to order the local brew. Intercepting a cockroach as it tries to dart between cover on the bar, she drops it into the ale with the intent to complain to the ostler and request a refund. She startles as something taps her firmly on the hip, […]

Character Development
in Role Play

Role Play is a dying art. The more I talk to people about role play, the more I realise people are interested, but have no honest idea about what role play is. This is especially true of role play in MMOs, where even the most hard core role players seem to have somewhat questionable ideas […]

Creating a Role Play Character
(Part 2)

In Part 1, I talked about what makes a good role play character. I also talked about some of the things you can do to make a good character, such as creating depth and being a team player. Let’s continue by talking more about some of the techniques I use to make memorable, and fun to […]

Creating a Role Play Character
(Part 1)

It is now over three decades that I have been consistently involved in role playing. In that time I have played the usual mix of thieves, wizards and fighters. I’ve also played a rat shaman, net runner, juicer, Tremere, clones, Blade Dancer, Red Talon, and so many more diverse characters. I try to never repeat […]

Role Playing Computer Games
(That are not MMOs)

I’m a Pencil and Paper Role Player first, and a computer role player second, or at least that’s the way I’d like it to be when I have other people to game with. Computer games fill that void between more conventional role play. I play a range of computer games, not just role play ones, […]

The changing nature of Role Play

I’ve always thought of myself as a role player. Sure, over the years playing MMOs I’ve become somewhat lax because most people don’t role play. Commonly, when interacting with people, it is OOC (Out of Character). However, almost every decision I make about my character development and their activities is based in the individual personality […]