To Dance with the Porcelain Pig

I recently completed a large purchase of tabletop RPG books, getting ever nearer to having the complete set of Classic D&D Modules. I embarked on the journey of collecting the books years ago, but only recently started to really make headway. With the purchase complete I emailed the seller to say thanks and that I […]

Game Mastery Part 4
Writing a Good Campaign Adventure

I really appreciate the value of a store brought premade adventure. They are great for learning the game and for filling in when you need a break from adventure writing. However I much prefer to write my own adventures. By writing your own adventure you can custom made the story for the characters you have, […]

Game Mastery Part 3
The Art of Killing Characters

As a GM I hate to kill characters, and it’s not just about not wanting to hurt feelings either, there are very practical considerations. I work for hours to help each player carefully construct a detailed background, balancing desires with what the system allows. I also invest more hours creating stories that meld meaningfully with […]

Tabletop War Gaming Fundamentals

I’m an avid tabletop war gamer and I love almost every aspect of the hobby, from painting and collecting all the way through to the actual playing of the games. I also love winning, and I tend to win more games than I lose even against top tier players. I have played everything from Epic […]

Freedom at the Bottom of a Box
Part 1

I’ve been thinking about how things change, how things can be changed by a shift in perspective or by a little bit of experience. I’m quite a bit older than Kaly, so my life experiences are very different from hers, not better or worse necessarily, but different. It’s important to understand that bit right from […]

Board Games: The Gateway Drug to Roleplaying

I admit it, I have a gaming addiction. I came to accept that recently when I added a $50 boxed set of miniatures to an order just to make it up to $100 for free shipping. I was ordering new six sided dice for a board game. I have plenty of six sided dice already, […]

Game Mastery Part 2

Creating atmosphere for your game is one of the key components to making your game memorable. Whether it’s the Machiavellian machinations of a vampire court, the sense of impending doom as you stalk through an old library in Cthulhu, or the Dickensian dystopia of the streets in a game of Cyberpunk, atmosphere can make or […]