Life as an INTJ Gamer

Both Incarnica and I test reliably as INTJ on the Myers-Briggs based personality tests. I might sometimes drift into the INTP zone, depending on the test and my mood at the time, but more often than not it’s INTJ. It can be difficult at times being out of step with 97%-99% of the world’s population, […]

Definitely not a goodbye

RPGDollies is a labour of love for Incarnica and I, so despite a limited readership we post articles because we like to talk about what we are doing. We also like providing tips, information and inspiration to others where possible. However, we also have other professional writing commitments that must be met. In order to […]

Cursed, -2 Mop of Maturity

I’m the older of we two sisters. I’m the responsible one. I’m not saying Kaly is not responsible, because she is, she’s very responsible. What I’m trying to put into words is the terrible feeling I am overcome with, the feeling that stops me from just sitting down and playing a game when ever I […]

Restarting soon!

RPG Dollies is undergoing a remake. We are aiming at a more web compliant format with regular articles. Still very much a work in progress but we hope to be fully up and running by January 10 2014. Bright Blessings, Kaly and Incarnica