The Tea House Food of the Month

We’re starting a new initiative for The Tea House, our GW2 guild. Each month we are sending all guests one of the favourite foods used by our individual characters. So, if you are a guest of The Tea House, you should receive a mail near the start of each month with some free samples. Each mail will also have a few words from the recommending character explaining why they enjoy that food.

For non-members, our chosen food will be posted here, along with all relevant links to help you buy or make the food for yourself.

Chocolate Omnomberry CreamJanuary – Chocolate Omnomberry Creams

Recommended by Kiara Starell (Human Chronomancer)

Chocolate and sugar whipped through rich buttermilk and topped with a pitted Omnomberry, what’s not to love about this luscious confection!

As an active Chronomancer, I regularly use these little treats. The added concentration really helps me get the best out of Alacrity and Quickness. I always have boons of some sort up, allowing me to take full advantage of the most refined Magic Find bonuses of any food in the world.


February – Tropical Peppermint Cake, Mango Pie and Bowl of Candy Corn Custard

Recommended by Sinda Flameweaver (Charr Dedicated Fire Tempest)

A piece of home cooked delicacy is just the thing for those moments when you feel like the whole world is beating on you and your life hangs in the balance! It reminds me of everything I’m fighting for and so often it’s the very thing that gives me back the will to live and continue the fight despite the cuts and bruises.

Until recently, Mango Pie was my favourite pick-me-up, I always have it on me and when the world becomes overwhelming, I quickly open my bag and indulge myself.

I have since become fond of Tropical Peppermint Cake, a refreshing delicacy that provides an extra boost. For the younger ones, Bowl of Candy Corn Custard is perfect, easy to eat, lasts well and gives xp.


March – Bowl of Seaweed Salad

Recommended by Faelaryn (Sylvari Utility Tempest)

Fresh, invigorating and packed full of valuable nutrients. Contrary to rumor spread by some ignorant people; a Sylvari eating a salad does not constitute cannibalism.

Armed with a scepter and warhorn, I find I have to be really near the action to provide the best possible support. For me, being still for just one moment can mean death, so I am constantly on the move. As such, I get the maximum value out of this salad 100% of the time. Not only does it help me run faster, but it also provides a much needed boost to my spells with a solid increase to overall damage output.

Image: Plate of Coriander Crusted DinnerApril – Plate of Coriander Crusted Meat Dinner

Recommended by Kelletti Starell (Human Dragonhunter)

There’s nothing quite like a good roast meat dinner to make you feel at the top of the food chain!

A Plate of Coriander Crusted Meat Dinner is perfect for those times when your compatriots have abandoned you, leaving you to fight to the death on your own. When things get visceral, and I swap from my longbow to my hammer, this is perfect for besting even the worst of the enemies a dedicated Dragonhunter faces during the course of a days’ work.

Picture of Minotaur SteakMay – Minotaur Steak

Recommended by Katja Moonchaser (Norn Ranger)

I don’t want to be stopping all the time to prepare food while on a hunt. I want something that gives me an edge in combat, but which is also cheap enough to have all the time and lasts long enough that I won’t go hungry while I’m on the prowl chasing elusive prey.

I first learnt about Minotaur Steak from an Ogre by the name of Naknar, who shared it with me after I helped him with some Branded on his land. I’ve since learnt that almost anyone can make it without the recipe, so long as you have the required ingredients. Sure, there’s better food out there, but I’m not one for fancy dining. I just want something hearty that fills the belly and keeps me sharp on the hunt. A spicy hot Minotaur Steak does just that.

June – Lucky Drake Tails

Recommended by Maekki (Asura Scrapper)

No matter how much Magic Find you have, you can always use more. The Lunar New Year brought us many consumables, including Lucky Drake Tails, that are worthy of using all year round. Stacking for 2 hours, their +10% to your current MF is a real boost. I notice a difference with the types, amounts and levels of all items on my various gathering runs. Available from the Trading Post for copper, they are worth a space in your inventory.

July – Delicious Rice Balls

Recommended by Envernesse (Human Guardian)
I consider my role as a Guardian to be a protector of people. I was inspired by those early day Guardians who would stop in the most severe fights to heal the fallen and allow them to resume the battle. As a result, I have honed my skills as a healer first, and a fighter second. While these days I’m eating modern cuisine such as a Bowl of Chocolate Tapioca Pudding, in the old days I’d just eat Omnomberry Compote straight out of the jar. However, as the Food of the Month club is about food we can share, I have to share the joys of a seasonal favourite, the Delicious Rice Balls. While they are a New Year cuisine, they are still quite inexpensive on the Auction House all year round, cheaper even than the comparable Bowl of Saffron-Mango Ice Cream. You get a double bonus of a set increase to your healing which is then further boosted by an additional percentage. It’s quality food like this that allows me to sustain myself and companions while fighting face to face against things like the Labyrithine Horror.

August  – Potent Superior Sharpening Stones

Recommended by Walhieg Doomspike (Charr Warrior)
I’m a fit, strong, healthy Charr ‘n I like to stay that way. A good warrior knows the importance of keeping their weapons clean ‘n sharp. These stones do a fine job of just that, and they last longer than most others do. Easy to keep in my pack ‘n pull out whenever a creature needs re-educatin’.
Use ’em.

September – Saffron Stuffed Mushrooms

Recommended by Tora Dustclaw (Charr Necromancer)
Nothing brings me more joy than to to watch a hoard of bad guys crumble screaming under my virulent plagues. Being a Necromancer, enhancing the potency of those plagues through the deaths of my enemies seems like a natural process. Some people think the duration of your conditions matter most, and that’s true to a degree, which is why I’m already trained to make my diseases last. What these little mushrooms allow for is faster deaths, and faster deaths means faster to move onto the next victim!

October – Dragonfly Cupcake

Recommended by Mykkra – (Norn Ranger)

I’m an explorer with a respect for the native regional wildlife roaming the length and breadth of these amazing lands. No matter the journey, no matter how careful one is, there are dangers lurking, and I’m unwilling to be taken by surprise in any circumstance. Therefore I carry a goodly supply of Dragonfly Cupcakes for the extra power they give to my longbow, and the magic find boost is not to be sneezed at either.

November – Bowl of Curry Butternut Squash Soup

Recommended Torlock Furburner (Charr Scrapper and Warrior of the Mists Pyromaniac)

I love the Flamethrower. There’s something primal in wanting to see your foes screaming and on fire. However, when roaming the Mists your foe is likely to quickly douse their burning confederates, so getting the most out of the flamethrower is more about the intensity of the flame you apply than the intensity of the flame you leave. Therefore I love my Curry Butternut pumpkin soup because that fiery soup in my belly keeps me focused and able to really get the most out of the rapid hits of the Flamethrower. When you’re right in the heart of an enemy zerg, I cannot help but laugh maniacally as I spray jets of fire over so many people so quickly. I cannot take full credit though, as the true secrets of the flamethrower were revealed to me by a fellow scrapper and lover of flame, an unassuming little asuran called Klippi who was more than happy to help me with the art of Pyromania.

December – Tin of Fruit Cake

Recommended by Tiska Scarmaker (Charr Scrapper and dedicated Warrior of the Mists)

It’s the additional rush of power a bite of Granny’s Fruit Cake gives me that I like. Whether I’m protecting an asset or attacking an enemy, the better the chance of hitting and hurting an enemy I have, the more damage I can do, the better I feel!
It’s everyone for themselves out there, and although Granny Scarmaker’s Cake Tin is a bit battered, it still keeps her fruit cake as fresh as they day she forges them!