The following items offer a random collection of gaming resources, both for computer and tabletop gaming. I’ll just add to this as things come up, there won’t be any sort of release schedule.

Anima Tactics State Counters

Anima Tactics is an Anime inspired, small unit, tactical tabletop miniature game. I only recently got into it and I love it.

My problem was that I started with the core rulebook and the Wissenschaft Starter box set. Unlike many of the other Starter box sets, Wissenschaft did not come with a card of State Counters (counters used to track buffs and debuffs). So. I made my own by scanning the ones in the book and putting them together into a jpg ready for printing. I generally print this at the original image size, which will give you 11 of each counter at 10mmx10mm.

Click on the thumbnail below for full sized image, then right click and select Save Image As…

State Counters

Note: Supplied without permission. All rights remain with the relevant people, I have only reproduced their work. if anyone involved with Anima Tactics or relevant authorities want this taken down please just let me know.

If you would like to know more about Anima Tactics, the English language producers are Cipher Studios.

My choice of retailer for Anima Tactics within Australia is The Combat Company.