Gaming in the Australian Heat

Summer is coming, and the Australian heat is already on the rise. Computers can get hot enough without the added heat of pushing your processors with an intense game. The real trouble with heat is not just the risk of shut down, it’s the risk of long term damage to the system. It’s perfectly fine […]

Wiki Addiction

I love game wikis. One of the first things I do when I start a new game is to find the official game wiki and bookmark it. I will sometimes have the wiki open on the second screen while I play, so if I need to know something it’s right there. However game wikis can […]

Role Playing Computer Games
(That are not MMOs)

I’m a Pencil and Paper Role Player first, and a computer role player second, or at least that’s the way I’d like it to be when I have other people to game with. Computer games fill that void between more conventional role play. I play a range of computer games, not just role play ones, […]

What’s the Best Class to Play?

  My goodness, in my opinion, there is only one proper answer – ALL of them! Yes, I really mean that.  There really is no one best class, there is only what’s best for right now.  I truly don’t understand the question because really, how can there possibly be just one best class when there […]

The changing nature of Role Play

I’ve always thought of myself as a role player. Sure, over the years playing MMOs I’ve become somewhat lax because most people don’t role play. Commonly, when interacting with people, it is OOC (Out of Character). However, almost every decision I make about my character development and their activities is based in the individual personality […]

Survival Guide:
Preparing for Game Launch

Note: This article was first published 28th October 2012 but the contents are still valid and thus we’ve moved it to the new site. With Guild Wars 2 being released in only hours we wanted to share some of the tips and tricks we use to prepare for the release of a new game. Incarnica […]