Game Mastery Part 4
Writing a Good Campaign Adventure

I really appreciate the value of a store brought premade adventure. They are great for learning the game and for filling in when you need a break from adventure writing. However I much prefer to write my own adventures. By writing your own adventure you can custom made the story for the characters you have, […]

Freedom at the Bottom of a Box
Part 1

I’ve been thinking about how things change, how things can be changed by a shift in perspective or by a little bit of experience. I’m quite a bit older than Kaly, so my life experiences are very different from hers, not better or worse necessarily, but different. It’s important to understand that bit right from […]

Board Games: The Gateway Drug to Roleplaying

I admit it, I have a gaming addiction. I came to accept that recently when I added a $50 boxed set of miniatures to an order just to make it up to $100 for free shipping. I was ordering new six sided dice for a board game. I have plenty of six sided dice already, […]

Character Development
in Role Play

Role Play is a dying art. The more I talk to people about role play, the more I realise people are interested, but have no honest idea about what role play is. This is especially true of role play in MMOs, where even the most hard core role players seem to have somewhat questionable ideas […]

Guild Wars 2 Introductory
Guide to Build making
Part 2

In Part 1 I focused on Traits and the importance of character concept and play style. I believe those elements are the foundation of any good character build. What you equip your character with also plays a vital role in bringing the other elements up to their potential. I’ll also be going over how to […]

Guild Wars 2 Introductory
Guide to Build Making
Part 1

You’ve hit level 80. You have all the trait points you’re going to get and you start to think about how to gear up in stuff that won’t have to be replaced. It’s time to make a build! You scurry off to the forums and do some web searches looking for builds. You find them […]

Making money in any MMO
(Part 1)

Whether it’s upgrading skills or buying a nice outfit, money is a nice thing to have in any MMO world. Incarnica and I are rarely among the wealthiest in a game, but we are almost always comfortably well off. Don’t let your online life reflect your real life. Read this guide for a few general tips […]

Creating a Role Play Character
(Part 2)

In Part 1, I talked about what makes a good role play character. I also talked about some of the things you can do to make a good character, such as creating depth and being a team player. Let’s continue by talking more about some of the techniques I use to make memorable, and fun to […]