Gaming Value

Kitty eyes her ale with suspicion, lamenting her choice to order the local brew. Intercepting a cockroach as it tries to dart between cover on the bar, she drops it into the ale with the intent to complain to the ostler and request a refund. She startles as something taps her firmly on the hip, […]

Tabletop Gamer Buyers Guide
for Australians

I was an avid tabletop gamer long before I discovered the convenience of computer gaming. From regional price locking through to restricted supply, Australia has always offered special challenges to the tabletop gamer. I have tried a lot of suppliers in my quest to find quality and affordable supplies for roleplay and tabletop wargaming, both […]

Making money in any MMO
(Part 2)

In Part 1, I spoke about how to use the auction house, how crafting can earn money, and the importance of identifying what currency is the one in common use in your game. Let’s conclude this guide on how you can make coin, no matter which MMO you enjoy!

Making money in any MMO
(Part 1)

Whether it’s upgrading skills or buying a nice outfit, money is a nice thing to have in any MMO world. Incarnica and I are rarely among the wealthiest in a game, but we are almost always comfortably well off. Don’t let your online life reflect your real life. Read this guide for a few general tips […]