Deciding your Digital Destiny

No matter the game, a Meta will always form which dictates a ‘correct’ way to play. This Meta seems to be created by the most vocal and driven people who seem to have a need to dominate the game, devouring the content as quickly as possible. When new content is released, they rush out en […]

Tabletop War Gaming Fundamentals

I’m an avid tabletop war gamer and I love almost every aspect of the hobby, from painting and collecting all the way through to the actual playing of the games. I also love winning, and I tend to win more games than I lose even against top tier players. I have played everything from Epic […]

Character Development
in Role Play

Role Play is a dying art. The more I talk to people about role play, the more I realise people are interested, but have no honest idea about what role play is. This is especially true of role play in MMOs, where even the most hard core role players seem to have somewhat questionable ideas […]

Guild Wars 2 Introductory
Guide to Build Making
Part 1

You’ve hit level 80. You have all the trait points you’re going to get and you start to think about how to gear up in stuff that won’t have to be replaced. It’s time to make a build! You scurry off to the forums and do some web searches looking for builds. You find them […]

Measuring Success

As an older gamer there is a perception that I lack the motor skills and mental acuity to compete with the hard core gaming crowd. Well, there may be some truth to that, I’m really not sure. However, am I still a successful gamer? How would you measure such a thing? Incarnica and I were […]

Games Patches and Coping with Change

April 15 has brought a massive patch to GW2, a patch that changes a ton of core features in the game. While the majority of the community is very pleased with the update, there is a very vocal minority that hates the patch with a vehemence that I find mind boggling. Thankfully, I’m in the […]

Gamer Burnout

I have the luxury of being able to game a lot. Despite the time I spend gaming I never find that I suffer from gamer burnout. If I love a game, I can play it for years and not burn out. I’m into my second year playing Guild Wars 2 and I still log in […]

Wiki Addiction

I love game wikis. One of the first things I do when I start a new game is to find the official game wiki and bookmark it. I will sometimes have the wiki open on the second screen while I play, so if I need to know something it’s right there. However game wikis can […]

Advice for the Solo Player

While MMOs offer the opportunity to team up with others, there are times where you would really rather just be by yourself. If you are introverted or just plain anti-social, then you might never want to team up. Given most MMOs are structured with teams in mind, this can leave the solo player with serious […]

What’s the Best Class to Play?

  My goodness, in my opinion, there is only one proper answer – ALL of them! Yes, I really mean that.  There really is no one best class, there is only what’s best for right now.  I truly don’t understand the question because really, how can there possibly be just one best class when there […]