The Art of Immersion

It’s a common catch phrase; Immersion. In times of stress I crave immersion as a way to escape from the pressures of life and relax. For me it’s like meditation, only more effective in some respects because the environment is easier to control. As I talk to others I have realised that while immersion is […]

Gaming in the Australian Heat

Summer is coming, and the Australian heat is already on the rise. Computers can get hot enough without the added heat of pushing your processors with an intense game. The real trouble with heat is not just the risk of shut down, it’s the risk of long term damage to the system. It’s perfectly fine […]

Game Mastery Part 3
The Art of Killing Characters

As a GM I hate to kill characters, and it’s not just about not wanting to hurt feelings either, there are very practical considerations. I work for hours to help each player carefully construct a detailed background, balancing desires with what the system allows. I also invest more hours creating stories that meld meaningfully with […]

Freedom at the Bottom of a Box
Part 2

On further contemplation, I’ve realised the gradual insidiousness of the happiness that imagination, fantasy worlds and creatures, involvement in heroic deeds, and the general escapism of such things, brings to a person. It’s taken me this long to get so totally involved because I actively kept it out of my lists of potential enjoyment bringers. […]

Freedom at the Bottom of a Box
Part 1

I’ve been thinking about how things change, how things can be changed by a shift in perspective or by a little bit of experience. I’m quite a bit older than Kaly, so my life experiences are very different from hers, not better or worse necessarily, but different. It’s important to understand that bit right from […]