Gaming in the Australian Heat

Summer is coming, and the Australian heat is already on the rise. Computers can get hot enough without the added heat of pushing your processors with an intense game. The real trouble with heat is not just the risk of shut down, it’s the risk of long term damage to the system. It’s perfectly fine […]

Kaly’s Guide to Creepers

With 15 years of mmo play under my belt, I’ve been witness to a lot of social interaction, some good, some bad, some downright pathetic, the whole gamut. As a female gamer I want to talk about a particular type of social animal; the Creeper. No, not the Minecraft type, I’m talking about guys who […]

Tabletop Gamer Buyers Guide
for Australians

I was an avid tabletop gamer long before I discovered the convenience of computer gaming. From regional price locking through to restricted supply, Australia has always offered special challenges to the tabletop gamer. I have tried a lot of suppliers in my quest to find quality and affordable supplies for roleplay and tabletop wargaming, both […]