Gaming in the Australian Heat

Summer is coming, and the Australian heat is already on the rise. Computers can get hot enough without the added heat of pushing your processors with an intense game. The real trouble with heat is not just the risk of shut down, it’s the risk of long term damage to the system. It’s perfectly fine […]

Sexism in Tabletop RPGs

I try to avoid being topical, preferring to leave real life take care of itself while I get on with my gaming. However, recent events surrounding women in gaming (and comics, and media, and movies, *sigh*) have inspired me to recall my own life growing up as a nerdy woman delving in a male-centric world. […]

Random Tips and Advice

I’m beginning to collect a few bits and pieces that do not qualify for individual articles, yet they are solid pieces of advice I’d like to share. This article is a short collection of some of the choice pieces from my ever growing list. They all relate to gaming, though some advice extends outside that […]